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Mental Program
  • Mental Program

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    For all athletes regardless of their level and their goals

    For all sports disciplines

    Individualized and personalized program according to the sporting objective (s) (training, competition, competition, championship, ...)


    This program can be carried out with 6, 12, 18 or 24 sessions of mental coaching and hypnosis by videoconference of a duration of 30 minutes each, spread over a calendar year and triggered according to the athlete's training and competition schedule. .

    This program also includes periodic or occasional exercises that the athlete must perform independently as well as mp3 viewing sessions to optimize concentration.

    Finally, this program includes hotline assistance by messaging via WhatsApp 7/7 and 24/24 for each athlete in the event of temporary difficulty, questions or even a loss of confidence during a competition.

    Each Program can be viewed in your profile "my account", then "Evaluations & Programs"


      Have previously completed the All Management mental assessment
      Duration 15 '(delivery of the program and explanation)
      Duration 30 '(Mental coaching and hypnosis session)
      Have a Phone or a Computer allowing the use of the Zoom application
      Have previously completed our parental authorization form if the athlete is a minor


      After confirming your order, you can  reserve the date of the meeting on our online schedule.

    VAT Included