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F4 simulator course
  • F4 simulator course

    Internship Level 1 (Learning)

    Aimed at all people wishing to acquire the technical bases of driving, namely trajectories, degressive braking and positioning of the car. Session composed of theoretical lessons in the classroom, driving sessions, debriefing sessions.

    > Standard pedagogical and technical program requiring no prior preparation

    Internship Lv2 (Advanced)

    Aimed at all people wishing to improve their level of driving whatever the behavior of the car and the grip of the track. Session composed of theoretical lessons, driving sessions, debriefing sessions. Coordinated work with the contribution of inboard videos and data acquisition.

    > Advanced and tailor-made educational and technical program in relation to the driver's objectives, requiring suitable physical condition and mastery of the basics of driving.


    Single-seater carbon shell (Formula Renault)
    Dynamic yaw motion YAW motion (40 ° / s) with D-BOX gestion (Homologuation FIA)
    Single-seater carbon steering wheel with display and paddles
    Force feedback motor Flywheel (Direct Drive Brushless)
    Race crankset (adjustable from 50 to 200Kg depending on the car used)
    Tillett bucket seat (or possibility of installing the pilot's foam)
    5-point harness with active system (deceleration)
    Vibratory system (vibrators, engine vibrations, coating, etc.)
    Curved 240 Hz QLED panel (5120 x 1440 pixels)
    Ultralight Toslink 7.1 Audio Headphones with Mic
    Data Acquisitions> AIM Sportline


      ▶ ︎ Measure a minimum of 1m40
      ▶ ︎ Can be installed in the tub, the maximum width of which is 39 cm
      ▶ ︎ Be at least equipped with sports shoes
      ▶ ︎ Be equipped with pilot shoes, coveralls and gloves
      ▶ ︎ Have a Karting / Automobile pilot license in the process of being validated or provide a medical certificate of no contraindication for the practice of motorsports


      ▶ ︎ After confirming your order, you can  reserve the date of the meeting on our online schedule.

    VAT Included